Sharing the holiday spirit: My Dream Giving Wish List

Sharing the holiday spirit: My Dream Giving Wish List

With the winter holidays in full swing, it is a time for giving to others and spreading good cheer. It is also a time to be selfless and help others in need who may not have the best circumstances. I have been reading a lot of article and watching videos of people being “Secret Santas” and giving back to someone else. These stories have really warmed my heart and have given me the idea of this article.

My life is not in the most ideal circumstances right now financially, but it does not stop me from visioning and dreaming of what I would do if I had the money.  As a result, I came up with this dream giving wish list and wanted to share it here.  My goal is inspire readers to look at the list and check out an item off my list themselves or do something even better for someone else.  What will I inspire you to do this holiday season?

1. Carry some $5-10 gift cards and handle them out to the homeless.

Most of the homeless that I come across have been asking for money to buy food.  Most of them are hungry and just need to fill their stomachs. Gift cards for anything then fast food restaurants will help them a lot.

2. Give $100 to the Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts drive-thru and buy everyone’s drink orders that’s behind me in line.

Best things to do ever. I would love to see the other people’s faces when I do this.

3. Pay off 10 people’s layaway list at Toys R Us or Wal-Mart to help them have a better holiday for their family.

I was bawling when I saw other people experience this. I would love to do this next year.

4. Go to Starbucks and buy 4 coffees and baked goods.  Hand them out to the homeless that I see.

I have done this one before with one or two coffees especially when I have a BOGO coupon and watch the smiles when I hand them out.  It warms my heart especially on the coldest days.

5. Donate money and toys to a battered women’s shelter. 

These women need the love and support during this time of year. They need to know that they are loved and feel safe. They also bring children with them so the toys would go to them.

This is my list that I have. I hope that it inspired you to pay it forward and do something charitable this holiday season.

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