Missing My Angel Daughter: One Mother's Stillborn Loss

Missing My Angel Daughter: One Mother's Stillborn Loss

To my dearest Marianne:

It has been over 13 1/2 years since your spirit and soul has left this earth before you had a chance to live it here on Earth.  Not a day goes by where I do not think about you and miss you.  The memories of you are still fresh in my mind and still feel like yesterday.  I loved you from the day that I found that I was carrying you in my womb.  I still love you today even as you are always near me in spirit.

I would be lying if I was completely over losing you, but I can not lie about the pain that I am experiencing.  I feel like I have an empty part of my life that I will never be able to fill completely. The loss of you not being able to have you here still hurts greatly and hits a deep nerve when I least expect it. I know that you are now running around with the other angels. I also know that you have your Grandpa Tente up there with you and confident that you were there to greet him when he lost his battle from cancer.  I know that you have all of your Great-Grandparents up there giving you a lot of love and kisses.

You were definitely a gift from God and taught me a lot from having you enter my life. You brought a lot of life lessons that I have been able to grow from. I am a much stronger person today than 13 years ago.  I loss a part of my life, but I gained so much as a result.

You allowed your younger sister to come into my life. I believe that she was a beautiful gift that you gave your dad and I.  We are blessed as a result. We are grateful to have your sister as a result. She is beautiful and very smart with a lot of potential.

I love you, sweetie!



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