Sochi Olympics: What You Missed From Day 3

Sochi Olympics: What You Missed From Day 3
Photo provided by BT Sports Panel

The athletes have survived day 2 of the competition and the first weekend in Sochi. We are starting out with day 3 of the competition. There has been very positive moments and some really bad moments that took place.

Just be very thankful you are not Johnny Quinn, who is not having much luck with his Sochi hotel accommodations. Can someone throw him some positive karma STAT?

But it is not as bad as this moment caught on camera.

Overall, I am happy that the Olympic athletes have not lost their sense of humor.

But there were some moments that would make anyone want to run and hide, if they could.

There have some very beautiful and awe inspiring moments during the Olympics.

And these moments really made me chuckle.

This was a moment that brought an “Aw!”

But the media did allow their sense of humor shine as well.

Overall, there were a lot of great moments out there in Sochi. Personally, I am still a bit surprised about the Norweigens having a strong force on the medal count, but there is still 10 more days of competition to complete. It can be anyone’s moment from this point on.

See you back here tomorrow.

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