Sochi Olympics: The IOC and Russia's Anti-LGBT Policy

Sochi Olympics: The IOC and Russia's Anti-LGBT Policy

Welcome to Day 2 of the Olympics in Sochi. The competition during the games has been in full swing. In this post, I am not going to talk about the competition as much. Instead of, I have decided to tackle the issue regarding Russia’s anti-LGBT policy and how it affects the Winter Olympics in Sochi.  I know that it is an issue that is not going anywhere and needs to be brought up the light.  I have found on Twitter that there have been some information that I find disturbing.

As I dig a little deeper into Social Media, I am finding information regarding IOC’s stance on the abuse against the LGBT community in Russia.

Even though the IOC President spoke out about the abuse indirectly. I am starting to question the message that IOC has been providing. The Secretary Chairman for the United Nations has even spoken out about the anti-LGBT violence in Russia.

But I also do not completely understand why Greek yogurt had to get into the issue as well.

Not everyone in Russia supports the policy and supports free speech.

At the same time, I can not turn a blind eye away the fact several states in U.S. that have similar policies as Russia in their laws and statutes.

There have been several moments where many of the athletes shows their support and solidarity for the LGBT community.

And why do I believe that the Russians have blocked out the LGBT community is everywhere – not just in Russia.

I also find this information ironic and amusing.


That’s all that I have say about the issue. I will be returning to my focus about the  athletes and Olympic competition tomorrow.  Until then, remember this.

Любовь есть любовь. Нет ненависти! (Love is love. No hate!)

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