Sochi Olympics: A Disaster Before It Starts

Sochi Olympics: A Disaster Before It Starts
Is the current issues just a taste of what to expect?

Yes, my headline to this article regarding the Winter Olympics in Sochi may appear to be a bit harsh, but it is the f***ing honest truth. I am not afraid to come out and say it out in the open.  It definitely needs to be heard.t

Come on, people!  Let’s be real!   Take off the rose colored glasses and start paying attention to the real stuff in front of your television or computer.

The Opening Ceremonies have not taken place yet and there have been a lot of issues involving the organization and preparation for the Olympics.  This is not just the issue involving the persecution of the LBGT community.  There are serious issues that are completely inexcusable. Surely you must have seen some of the stuff being posted via Social Media especially via Twitter. 

This tweet was quite disturbing. It is sign of poor planning upon the Sochi Olympic organizers.

One word is all I am going to say: WTF?!  Can we cue up the Twilight Zone? 

What is seriously wrong with the government in Russia? Where was all of the planning that was supposed to take place for the Winter Olympics in Sochi?  I am quite disturbed to read this tweet.

One word: OUCH!  That one is going to really smart. 

I have to agree with Ben’s tweet. The Russian government has paid too much attention to the issue involving their horrible human rights violations against the LBGT community that they have not paid much attention to how things are going for the Sochi Olympics.  The media arrived in Sochi within the last week and they are the ones who will provide the first reports on the environment there.  The media in Sochi has not held back on describing the awful conditions in Sochi. I applaud them for speaking up and not holding back.

Sochi is definitely not prepared for the tourists, media and athletes arriving.  How do they think people are going to use the toilets? Come on! **facepalm**

— Sprudge (@sprudge) February 5, 2014 Now this is disturbing, but not as scary as this tweet from a Chicago Tribune reporter.

One word: EEEEEK! Very scary!


Even the internet doesn’t work right. I should not be surprised after seeing pictures about the drinking water. 


Scratch that….maybe it is not a good idea to be on the internet while in Sochi. 

I am an animal lover, not a hater. What I have read about how they are treating dogs in Sochi is unacceptable. I also think it is a huge negative PR move for the Sochi Olympic organizers to wait until the International news media arrives to take care of the issue. I hope some of the athletes can save some of the these dogs before it is too late.

Houston, we have a problem here. Seriously?! **another facepalm**

No, I think Shaun was smart…and that’s not the “grass” talking.

And the grass is greener on the other side….if you paint it.

WTF?! Is this supposed to make me feel safe about having the American athletes participating in Sochi?

**facepalm** (Number 4!)

Seriously! No toothpaste and greek yogurt?! What is Putin afraid of? There are bigger issues to deal with at the moment like being ready for the Winter Olympics to start, handling the LGBT community, Edward Snowden, and terror issues in the region.

But to end this article, be thankful you are not the Jamaican bobsled team. I hope you enjoyed this article.

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