Words from a Firefighter's Daughter on the AZ Deaths

Words from a Firefighter's Daughter on the AZ Deaths
Courtesy of the NY Times

This morning when I opened up Facebook, I kept on seeing posts about 18 firefighters from Prescott, AZ losing their life in the wildfire.  At first, I could not believe it.  But as I saw more and more post, I started to feel very sad for the families of the firefighters that have been affected as well as the community.

As a daughter of retired firefighter, I can completely feel their emotion and pain that they are experiencing. My late father was a volunteer firefighter for 21 years.  He started out on the local suburban fire department when I was 5 years old. From that time, I dealt with joys and anxiety of having a father as a firefighter.  In fact, from that time, I would start to have nightmares literately about fire as a child up until my father retired when they “magically” disappeared. I understand that with every call he went to that it was a risk that he and his fellow firefighters took to serve the community. There was always the risk that he would not come home, but I am thankful that it did not end up that way.

My friends and classmates from school thought it would really cool to have my father as a firefighter. When I went up to North to a camp in Northeastern MN for a week with my grade school class, my dad came up with as a chaparone and brought his fire gear for my classmates to try on. They all thought it was pretty cool. They loved trying on the equipment and getting their picture taken with it on.

Moving forward, I pray for the wives, sons, daughters, parents, and the community of Prescott, Arizona. I can not imagine how much pain that they are experiencing. Unfortunately, they probably will not find closure to this event until the flames are gone and the families are allowed to the area where their loved ones died doing what they loved to do.

I salute the 18 firefighters from Prescott, AZ who lost their lives while on duty. Thank you for your service and look for your other fire brothers who will guide you home.

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