BOOM...BOOM...BOOBS! There Goes the Average Breast Cup Size!

BOOM...BOOM...BOOBS! There Goes the Average Breast Cup Size!
Guys want a little bit of this.

When my husband pointed this article out from Huntington Post, I was completely blown away about an article talking about an average boobs size.

Come on! Seriously, people?! 34DD?!

How the hell did we make such a huge jump in bra cup size?!  I know that there’s more of selection than 20 years ago, but how did women obtain such big boobs?

I know that my husband does not care about the size of my boobs aka “the girls.” But there has been a lot of pressure for women augment what God gave us.  Our bodies can only handle so much on top before our poor backs can not take the pressure anymore. Society should not been placing this pressure on women to have these bigger boobs. It is not psychologically worth it.

I also see a lot of women with bigger boob that are slightly overweight.  Unfortunately when you lose the weight, you do lose the bigger girls.  Some of the extra weight from the boobs has to go as well.

I know that I do not see too many women wearing something to secure their boobs.  When I am out running, I still see the occasional runner with their girls bouncing up and down.  Bounce, bounce, bounce!! It has been a pet-peeve of mine since I have started running. I have written about this topic in the past.  If there are sport bras out there in the appropriate size, spend the money and wear one.  All you are doing is causing a huge muscle strain in your pectoral muscles and creating more pain than it is worth.

Ladies, why do you put yourself through that?!

Personally, I like the size that I have finally obtained – a 36B – even thought it is now not considered the average boob size. I am confident in the way I body looks. But if you are talking about my mini tummy pooch, that’s a whole different post.

That’s all I have to say.

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