Tragedy Strikes Again Within the NFL

Tragedy Strikes Again Within the NFL
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It is now another Saturday. It is just not any Saturday. It is another weekend of tragedy within the NFL. Unfortunately, it has hit another team – the Dallas Cowboys.  Just last weekend and during the past week, the Kansas City Chiefs spent time grieving over the loss of a teammate, Jovan Belcher. The Cowboys lost two teammates this morning –one because of death and another due to being charged with intoxicated manslaughter.  Both Josh Brent and Jerry Brown were two young players with a promising football careers. Instead of playing football on Sunday, one will be in the morgue and one will be setting bond out of jail.

Brown was only 25 years old – same age as Belcher who took his life last weekend. He was lost way too young before he had a chance to make a presence in the NFL. Unfortunately, Brent and Brown made a very poor choice of being in a vehicle while under the influence of alcoholic beverages. Brent and Brown were involved a fatal auto accident tainted by the use of alcoholic beverages.  It was a negative choice that cost both of their lives in two different ways – literately life and death. Psychologically, Brent will have to spend the rest of his life dealing with the consequences of his choice on Saturday morning.

It is a second weekend of tragedy within the NFL. Both tragedies involved players who were very young and made very poor choices that either cost their own life or the lives of others.  Both tragedies involved could have been prevented easily.

Using Sport Psychology, I am concerned as a professional that these young players are not being guided properly. These young players come with an immense pressure and huge expectations both mentally and financially. I believe that the NFL needs to implement or change their current mentoring program in order to help new players develop in a positive way. I also believe that the NFL’s Sport Psychologists needs to add additional psychological testing as part of draft preparation to rule out any concerns whether a particular player would be able to handle the pressures of the professional level and being under the spotlight. I believe that these changes would help to reduce occurrences like these last two tragedies seen in the NFL. Unfortunately, the NFL is already dealing with the pressures of improving safety within their players around head injuries both as legal and medical aspects, but this is also an important issue as well.

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