Chicago Marathon: Elite Participants Press Conference

Today was one day that I have been looking forward to all week – besides the race, of course.

The press conference!

I was looking forward to attend this as a member of the media instead being either a volunteer or participant. I felt like I was going backstage of a rock concert and meeting the band.

I seriously could not contain myself. I felt like a groupie in a room full of other “fans”. I sat close to the front of the room behind the front row. I found out later that the Kenyans and Ethiopians were seated in the front row.  I took a moment to ask a question myself to Liliya Shobukhova, but it did not come out completely right (as you will see in the video below!) That’s how excited and thrilled to be there.

I am looking forward to the 2nd press conference after the winners cross the finish line on Sunday morning (and staying indoors in the Press Room instead of being outside!).

Part 1 with Carey Pinkowski

Part 2 – Interviewing the Female participants

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