The top 10 reasons why I love being active in FALL

The top 10 reasons why I love being active in FALL

This summer has a very rough one.

Admit it!

The heat, humidity, and smog……BLEH!

It is so good to see September on the calender and the cooler temps that came with it.  I personally prefer late Spring and early to mid Fall as my favorite times to be active. It brings happy memories of training for my first marathon along the river in the Twin Cities.

Without any delay, here’s my top 10 reasons why I LUUUUUUUUV being active in fall.

10.    Cooler temps – Bring out the light jacket or sweater!!

9.       You are getting closer to RACE DAY for the Chicago Marathon.

8.       Bike rides get absolutely magnificent with all the leaves changing. BEAUTIFUL!

7.      Bucktown 5K – ‘nuf said!

6.      Racking up the leaves into a pile…..and JUMPING right in! (You are never too old to that!)

5.      The sound of crisp leaves on the lakefront path as you are running.

4.    No more using the A/C! Bring on the natural A/C!

3.    Apple picking time!

2.    Marathon Expo (Yes, I love this part over the race itself. Major drool galore!)

1.    Everything PUMPKIN!! (You have to have some work towards when you are active outside. Right?)


Until next time…

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