How will YOU remember 9/11 after 10 years has passed?

How will YOU remember 9/11 after 10 years has passed?


I know that this is an exercise blog that I write for, but I am doing to change up the topic a bit especially for this week.

This week starts a remembrance for those who have been lost on this sad day in American history. It has been 10 years since terrorist attacked our country, but not our American spirit. We came together as a country on that day and the experience brought us together as a whole. Instead of grieving, we went right to action. Our lives have never been the same since this day.

But where were YOU on that day and how will you remember this historic day?

I remember this day as being almost a blur. I was a young mother for a then-4 year old and current 2 months pregnant with my youngest child. I was on my way with my oldest son to early morning woman’s bowling league in suburban St. Paul.  I had the radio on the car and listening to the deejays talk about this “tragedy” that happened in New York City. The reality of the events taking place didn’t hit me until I arrived and saw the televisions showing the Twin Towers still standing with smoke coming from both of them from the planes hitting both of them.

Then all of a sudden the first tower went down.

That’s when my heart sank and couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Then the second tower went down in the similar fashion. My heart ached for the families of those working in those buildings. I also had a long-distance friend working in that building too that I had my thoughts immediately to towards.

Then came the reports of the Pentagon attack.

WTH?! Seriously?!

Next came the reports of Flight 91 crashing in rural Pennsylvania. I was sad for those in the plane, but admire their bravery for overtaking the terrorist on the plane.

As a daughter of a retired firefighter, my heart is with the firefighters and police officers’ lives lost on 9/11. I admire their bravery and determination on that sad morning to attempt to safe as many lives as they could. My heart goes to the families affected.

Overall, we shall not forget.



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  • I was extremely busy that day and the rest of the week, working with senior citizens. Kept me busy 15 hours a day.

    They never brought it up, never discussed it, just went about their business having a good time. Asked one at the end of the week why no one was talking about it. Was told "we've been through this before, what are YOU going to do about it."

    So, basically, I missed the whole thing for the whole week. After that, I never wanted to see the images.

    Since then, I've always seemed disconnected.

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