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The Unwelcome Visitor

The Unwelcome Visitor
No, I am not talking about your Grandma Louise or Aunt Mary. I am talking about an unexpected injury.  It’s a risk that everyone takes an active individual or a sport participant. Being active is well worth taking the risk. Expert studies show that it’s better to be active than not being active. For anyone... Read more »

20 ways (and miles) to get ready for the Chicago Marathon

Bright and shiny smiles all around
It’s less than 3 weeks until the Chicago Marathon. Thousands of runners are working hard to finish up their training. I am one of those proud runners registered for Chicago Marathon. I understand the determination, sacrifice, and strength that it takes to train for a marathon. This past Saturday, I witnessed a strong group of... Read more »

Welcome to Active Suburbia!

Greetings, nobles and countrymen! Lend me your ears! (Ok. That’s a little too corny! But it got your attention…) Anywhoo, welcome to the wonderful world that’s part of Active Suburbia. My name is Denise and I will be your tour guide. In this blog, I will be your guide to places within the Chicagoland Suburbs... Read more »