This is Going to be Short and Sweet

As you know, all live, attendable events have been cancelled for the foreseeable future. While you can’t go out to attend a music event, the events can come to you. Many performers are streaming concerts online. Unfortunately, I don’t find out about most of them until too late to include in the schedule article, if at all. You’ll just have to monitor your emails, if you are on their lists, and Facebook postings.

Here’s what we do have:

Tuesday, April 7.

Songs for Easter on Folk Festival with Lilli Kuzma, 90.9 FM, or 8 PM.

Wednesday, April 8.

Happy stay-at-home Passover Seder. I hope the angel of covid 19 passes over your house.  If Aliyahu Hanovi comes to your door, make sure he washes his hands and wears a mask.

Friday, April 10.

Grace Pettis streams online at 7:30, and scheduled for every Friday for the foreseeable future.

Sunday, April 12.

Here’s an idea: Hide the Easter eggs by the textbooks that your kids were supposed to be studying while cooped up at home. They will never find them there.

As we have little to offer in the way of events to attend, these schedule articles may go away for a while. We’ll see.  However, I’ve got a plethora (or two plethori) of concert photos in my phone, and because I am stuck at home like the rest of you,  I may post pictures or slide shows of concerts from the last year or two. That’s after I finish cleaning out my home office, which is in week two of the project, clean out the garage, patch up the garage ceiling, etc, etc. In the mean time, stay safe at home, and take 10 minutes to fill out your census form online.

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