The Cast

Kent: An ex-boyfriend from my early years in Chicago and current very close friend.  Although Kent and I didn't work as a couple, he is often an excellent sounding board.  Lawyer at top NYC law firm, now living in Paris, NYC Law and Harvard grad.

Jenny: My friend and fellow Iowan in the wild.  We met during our Michigan Avenue retail years, but didn't become friends until I started dating her friend, one of the only straight male employees.  Our laughter is...memorable.  It has been compared to a flute, Mary Poppins and a witches coven.

Ana's Dad: He has a name, surely.  If you check out my comments, you'll notice that this is the way he signs his name.  Thus far, he has threatened to set a bear trap for any guy who makes a move on me.  Definitely one to look for.

Twiggy: NYC resident and one half of the most amazing relationship I've ever seen.  Twiggy earned her nickname while we were both gallery assistants in Chicago.  She was on Atkins and had a draw FILLED with all types of this guy.

Helenita: Established journalist in Scotland and one of my college housemates.  Helenita and I met in our freshman year during a formal dinner in our dorm.  The two of us continued to get highly merry on on sherry and other posh bevvies.  By the end of the night, Helenita was drinking a pint glass filled with wine AND Bailey's...from under a table.  Helenita is a vital character in all of my best stories.

Kitty: My housemate in junior and senior year of college.  Kitty has her nickname for two reasons: 1) a guy in her psychology class referred to her as "the one who looks like a cat", 2) Kitty has dressed like a cat for most of the Halloweens that I've known her.  Kitty is freakishly intelligent and one of the most fun people I have ever met.  Her grandma is the person I want to be,  She won a "Sexiest Senior" award on a cruise after doing a pole dance and her fake hip slipped.

TDH: It stands for tall, dark and handsome.  The now ex that I was dating when I started this blog.