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Dear Chicago, I love you, baby...but...make up your mind

(Flickr Photo Credit: R Stanek) Just looking at this picture makes me want to ice skate with some handsome guy, but….it’s April…and I’m restless…… Chicago and I have a rocky relationship.  One day, you’re warm and friendly.  The next day, it’s snowing.  That’s right, snowing…again…as in, right now.  Don’t get me wrong.  I love snow... Read more »

Congratulations, You Are Single For 2010

(sxc.hu) You better find a good book. Chicago is a city of seasons.  Each single in this city is as ruled by these seasons as they are by the happy hours at Cactus.  As a result, if you have not found a relationship by the third week in October, ie. “Golden Week…congratulations, you are single... Read more »

Magnificent Mile Lights Fest and Why My Niece Thinks I'm Single

My niece’s Top 10 suggestions on what I should do to get a boyfriend My 8-year-old niece is about thirty times fiercer than I will ever be.  Whenever she comes to visit, her little city ensemble makes my outfit look like it was thrown together by a hungover vagabond (which it pretty much was.)  She... Read more »