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It's Time To Ditch That Winter Boo

(sxc.hu) Even these bugs are getting into the spirit… The weather is warming up and I couldn’t be more excited.  Not only can I start wearing flirty dresses and heels, but the citizens of this Windy City are all out to get it.  That’s a movement I can get behind! Check out my full rundown... Read more »

RedEye Bachelorette of the Week: The Rule of Buble

Another week, another list of singles vying for the coveted RedEye spot.  As you know, love is a two-way street.  If you agree with my choice, pick up today’s RedEye for this hottie’s e-mail address.  Let’s make some matches, kiddies! Hit the jump to see who I picked! This week’s RedEye Bachelorette is Lissa von... Read more »

RedEye Bachelor of the Week: It's Time To Improvise

What a decision!  I think this is the most active bachelor message board I have seen yet.  It was like reliving my glory days as head lawyer in 7th grade mock trial with all the debate and rebuttal.  Comments ranged from the sweet, “gives hope to all the single ladies out there” to bizarre, “his... Read more »

RedEye's Bachelorette of the Week: The Barefoot Contessa

Growing up, it was always impossible to keep me in shoes.  I loved to be barefoot.  I loved running outside with the grass tickling my soles or climbing the jagged bark of my neighbor’s tree.  I wore one pair of shoes and they were sandals for easy removal.  I’ve got to say, however, walking around... Read more »

RedEye's Bachelor of the Week: Prancing Is Accidentally Sexy

Who would’ve known prancing was such a sought after boyfriend skill?  If the RedEye Bachelor message boards are to be believed, prancing is pretty nearly the key distinction between boy and man.  Surprising?  Well, I guess Fred Astaire and Justin Timberlake have made livings off of it.  This week’s RedEye Bachelor of the week is... Read more »

RedEye Bachelorette of the Week: The Results

Chicago women never cease to stun me.  It must be prrrrrretty great to be a straight dude in this city.  Once again, the bachelorette selection was filled with total babes…and interesting, funny ones at that!  I always say that I love writing Accidentally Sexy, because the people that come up to me in the street... Read more »

The Results: RedEye's Bachelor and Bachelorette of the Week

Oh…the POWER! This week, RedEye asked me to select not just the bachelor, but also the bachelorette of the week.  They’ve obviously realized that feeding my ego will get them anything they want.  Diva! Hit the jump for this week’s results.  SPOILER ALERT: One of these has a pretty good story attached… RedEye Bachelor of... Read more »

I'm a spectacle in my spectacles

If I have to wear my glasses for one more day, I am going to lose it.  Don’t get me wrong, I love people in glasses.  Most girls can pull off a look that balances on bookish and naughty, while guys in glasses are a particular weakness of mine.  (My children will have the vision of... Read more »

No Sex, No Way

(sxc.hu) If one olive oil is “extra virgin”, did the other get to second base? NSFD…sorta…I use the word sex a lot in this one…you’ve been warned…send cookies! Sex is everywhere.  It’s on nearly every episode of every tv show, every song on every album and is the underlying plot line in movies.  I’ve even... Read more »

Chiditarod in Chicago: RedEye vs. Metromix

(sxc.hu) This shopping cart is already having more fun than I am. As you may have already realized, I never turn down a challenge or chance to try something new.  Never.  When RedEye intern Katie Rogers asked me to join her on the Chiditarod to annihilate Metromix and the sinister Ernest Wilkins, I didn’t even... Read more »