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Mike Posner and Why I Love College

(Photo Credit: Flickr Andydr) I love this photo for two reasons: it’s tagged “Frat Party” and it’s titled “Mystery Kahlua.” In Andydr’s photo caption, he writes “P.S. Fraternities are about more than just getting shitty and partying all the time. I promise.” Riiiiiiiight. It’s no secret that I spent my college years in Scotland.  I... Read more »

You Voted and Chose The Next Buble - The Results

As you surely know by now, Michael Buble is engaged, thereby, negating my long-standing Michael Buble rule.  Even while meeting him in the elevator, my girl code kept me grounded………and his amazing looking South American model/actress girlfriend kept him from noticing/caring. Rather than wading aimlessly through the singles pool, I turned to you to pick... Read more »

The Michael Buble Rule: Buble's Replacement

(Photos from Getty, AP)  Well, Buble is now off-limits.  Standing next to him in the elevator on Monday made me realize that I need a new Michael Buble for the rule and fast.  Otherwise, I have to really start thinking about my list and make a guy stand up to that, rather than an far-fetched celeb scale…and... Read more »