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10 Bizarrely Awesome Christmas Gifts

10 Bizarrely Awesome Christmas Gifts
It’s all fine and dandy to give a gift that will make somebody smile. Well done. If you want to be granted a 1-UP in awesome, however, you need to give a gift that makes the receiver’s head literally explode. These 10 gifts will do just that. Just click on the name of the item... Read more »

John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John Just Ruined My Day

John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John Just Ruined My Day
Why? WHYYYYYYY?!?!?!?!??!?! ::crying at my desk as my love of Grease has been forever ruined:: Dear John and Olivia, You were wrong. I don’t like it! Xoxo, Ana P.S. Was this filmed on your flip phone?

Win A Last-Minute Holiday Gift

I loooooooove this book. I DO NOT want to give it away, but it's time to pay it forward.  Who knew talking about vaginas in a medical fashion could be so interesting, charming and funny?  It's everything you've ever wanted to know about how a woman's lady parts work.  Plus, my favorite author, Mary Roach, is a fan.  Fantastic, fantastic book.
(sxc.hu) It’s the holidays and you have all been very good this year.  Lucky for you, this coincides with me needing to clean out my closet.  Besides the usual terms and conditions, there are two main rules: 1) leave a comment below telling me which prize you want and why, 2) you have to be able... Read more »

Single This Season? Five Quick Holiday Tips from PinkKisses.com

There are too many delicious things in life to spend it crying about what’s not. I love the girls at PinkKisses.com.  They just “get it.” And by “it,” I mean that they know any good relationship starts with having a good relationship with yourself. This is the first lesson you learn when exiting a bad one. Besides, their... Read more »

Home is where the holidays are

The tree in my parents’ house. Go big or go home! I’m laying in the guest bedroom at my parents’ home in Iowa, and thought I’d put up a post today.  I know that it’s Christmas and the idea is to spend the day playing Scrabble with your loved ones, but I thought I’d send... Read more »

Substituting for Scrooge: A winter storm. Wait, what?

Dear {{Insert Weather Website}}, Stop trying to make barometric pressure and precipitation seem more awesome by completely sensationalizing your forecast.  Your description of a weather pattern reads like the script from “Everyone Dies On Christmas: Weather’s Revenge.”  I’m half expecting to log on tomorrow and see an animated dramatization of Santa and his sleigh being... Read more »

Worst Christmas Card Ever

For years, my parents would force the three of us girls to write our own year-in-review for the family Christmas mass spam.  We all hated it and the effort would usually result in my parents tearing out all their hair…just in time for the holidays.  Writing my portion of the stunning novella that is the... Read more »

Congratulations, You Are Single For 2010

(sxc.hu) You better find a good book. Chicago is a city of seasons.  Each single in this city is as ruled by these seasons as they are by the happy hours at Cactus.  As a result, if you have not found a relationship by the third week in October, ie. “Golden Week…congratulations, you are single... Read more »

Magnificent Mile Lights Fest and Why My Niece Thinks I'm Single

My niece’s Top 10 suggestions on what I should do to get a boyfriend My 8-year-old niece is about thirty times fiercer than I will ever be.  Whenever she comes to visit, her little city ensemble makes my outfit look like it was thrown together by a hungover vagabond (which it pretty much was.)  She... Read more »