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Five Rules For Dating My Daughter - Listen up, Markley and Elliott!

This is an actual picture of my dad…yes, he looks that scary all of the time…yes, he’s pointing at you. With this date with Stephen Markley of Off The Markley and Elliott Serrano of Geek To Me looming terrifyingly on the horizon, my dad has started to morph back into that guy that all the... Read more »

Mr. Right Must Have These Characteristics

2008 was the year of Ana making bad dating decisions.  From a couple months “in a relationship” with Red (a comedian who went a little nuts) to a couple months in an intense fling with Mickey (there’s probably a post I need to write on this one) to a couple dates with a 6’6” Russian... Read more »

Hot Chicago Bachelors, aka Chicago Dudes I Want To Make Out With

I made a list…and I plan to check it twice. Besides one exception, I tried to avoid any guy who was in a relationship.  Married guys were definitely out and even having a girlfriend was grounds for disqualification.  Whoever they’re with had to put in work to get that title, so I’m not going to try... Read more »

The Time Traveler's Ex-Girlfriend

Some days you’re on your game and some days you take three wrong trains to work.  Today is going to be the second variety.  The plan was 1) take early train, 2) avoid rush hour crowd, 3) write first blog post during commute, 4) arrive at work early.  Instead, my subconscious thought it would be... Read more »