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Beauty Coach Sez: How To Get A Winter Glow

Smith's Rosebud Salve: Hands down: this is the best lip balm.  It even looks great on dry cuticles.  Nobody wants to look at your crusty crust lips.  Lube 'em up, boys and girls!
With six inches of snow predicted for tomorrow, Chicago winters can really take a toll.  Never fear, Becky Hill is here!  In her first post as Accidentally Sexy’s Beauty Coach, Becky recommends some of the best products available to keep you looking glowing and gorgeous…even from underneath a zillion layers. Listen, kiddos, your makeup can... Read more »

Introducing The AS Beauty Coach - Becky Hill

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Short story: This is what happens when two girls share a bottle of wine and then realize their computer has a video camera. Becky Hill, the Chicago Glamourpuss, is the newest contributor to Accidentally Sexy.  An incredible make up artist and skin care expert, Becky is going to be making sure the AS beauty regime is... Read more »

Ugly Duckling To Beauty Queen

(Photo Credit: sxc.hu) “Every little girl should be told that she’s pretty.” – Marilyn Monroe   I could probably count on one hand the amount of times in my life when someone has told me I was attractive, bar the ex-boyfriend who would tell me I was pretty everytime I said something ridiculous.  I’ve always... Read more »