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Hot Chicago Bachelors 2009 - Where Are They Now

Ah yes, this handsome, talented and successful man.

<a href="www.twitter.com/arturogomezrrp">Arturo Gomez</a>is one of the partners of Rockit Ranch Productions. In other words, he's one of the dudes running Chicago's most buzzed about nightlife and dining scene.

Most recently, the group opened <a href="www.dragonranchchicago.com">Dragon Ranch Moonshine &amp; BBQ</a> in River North. This downhome fusion spot hosts <a href="http://www.dragonranch.com/2013/01/a-c-e-country-club/">Country Club</a>, a new Saturday party launched last week.

There is more to come as a sixth project is underway in the old Martini Ranch location, where RRP is developing a new Mexican concept. Margaritas and nachos are my personal poison, so I will be parking myself in a permanent seat.
In December 2009, I made a list of hot Chicago men that I would totally make out with. The list went a little wonky when I moved from one online host to another and most of the info went up in smoke! With a new year  and thoughts on crushes, I thought it might be fun to... Read more »

Chicago Magazine's Most Eligible Singles - I'm No Longer Eligible

What am I doing with my life?!   Chicago Magazine recently released their annual list of 20 Most Eligible Singles of 2010…and they totally frighten me.  Kelly Goldsmith is an assistant professor of marketing at the Kellogg School of Management, Randy Wells is a freakin’ pitcher for the Chicago cubs, Heidi Sauhammell started her own perfume line. The... Read more »

RedEye Bachelor of the Week: It's Time To Improvise

What a decision!  I think this is the most active bachelor message board I have seen yet.  It was like reliving my glory days as head lawyer in 7th grade mock trial with all the debate and rebuttal.  Comments ranged from the sweet, “gives hope to all the single ladies out there” to bizarre, “his... Read more »

RedEye's Bachelor of the Week: Prancing Is Accidentally Sexy

Who would’ve known prancing was such a sought after boyfriend skill?  If the RedEye Bachelor message boards are to be believed, prancing is pretty nearly the key distinction between boy and man.  Surprising?  Well, I guess Fred Astaire and Justin Timberlake have made livings off of it.  This week’s RedEye Bachelor of the week is... Read more »

The Results: RedEye's Bachelor and Bachelorette of the Week

Oh…the POWER! This week, RedEye asked me to select not just the bachelor, but also the bachelorette of the week.  They’ve obviously realized that feeding my ego will get them anything they want.  Diva! Hit the jump for this week’s results.  SPOILER ALERT: One of these has a pretty good story attached… RedEye Bachelor of... Read more »

RedEye Bachelor Of the Week - The Results

I’m not sure my job could get much better…well, unless it was to constantly monitor the greatest tumblr of ALL TIME!!!  Until that becomes a career that pays in more than hysterics, I lament that I will have to keep trucking on my doledrum life of assessing hot guys.  Je suis triste! This week, I was tasked... Read more »

Hot Chicago Bachelors, aka Chicago Dudes I Want To Make Out With

I made a list…and I plan to check it twice. Besides one exception, I tried to avoid any guy who was in a relationship.  Married guys were definitely out and even having a girlfriend was grounds for disqualification.  Whoever they’re with had to put in work to get that title, so I’m not going to try... Read more »