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What Is Accidentally Sexy?

What Is Accidentally Sexy?
Tonight, I sat down and forced myself to update my very, very, very old About Me. It occurred to me that I’ve never really put into solid words what it really meant to be Accidentally Sexy. Since I began the blog in 2009, the term Accidentally Sexy has become so much more than a catchy... Read more »

Accidentally Sexy Refresher Course

Hi Chickadees, Less than 24 hours from now, most of us will be jaw deep in turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and as many carbs as you can possibly imagine.  I’m just going to go out on a limb and say that you’ll probably be sleeping/spending time with your family rather than perusing my musings.  If... Read more »

Shaping Up The Sexy Way

Dear Black Jeans Folded in My Closet, I will defeat you. I will wear you with chucks in a month. You’re probably not even in a cut that I like that much, but I will wear you!!! Accidentally, Ana (Pictured: Old Navy Skinny Sweetheart Jeans) It’s summer…finally!  In 27 short days, I am landing on... Read more »

Dear Chicago, Accidentally Sexy is here for you!

Dear Chickadees, I love you.  You may have noticed that I’ve been extra active on Accidentally Sexy recently.  I’m working my nimble fingers to the bone crafting up posts for your gorgeous Moet-filled hearts. A few things to look forward to: Fridays will highlight either a great date spot or place to be un-single…and I’m... Read more »

ChicagoNow/Metromix Party - Everyone's Invited

Last time at Faith & Whiskey… Clear your schedule this Friday.  Seriously, whatever you have planned, cancel it.  Throw your blackberry in a pool so that all your appointments are erased…this is important business. RedEye and Metromix are hosting a meet-up this Friday night, February 26 at Faith & Whiskey…this will be a night that... Read more »

Five Best Types of Pre-Action Action

It’s February…whether you want to call it a dumb, commercial holiday (read: no one likes you) or the most important day of the relationship year (I’m just going to go out on a limb here and say you love the Jonas Brothers)…Valentine’s Day is on its way.  To get your minds headed in the awesome... Read more »

The Accidental3some Conclusion: I Really Like Dates

I’m finally emerging out of my loved-up haze from this weekend’s double date with two RedEye hotties.  Get jealous, because it was awesome.  In fact, as far as dates go, I should probably just give up.  These two are going to be hard to beat.   Things that happened: I was supposed to meet Stephen at the... Read more »

Ana Goes To Faith & Whiskey

DJ White Shadow and Me. “Well, he was playing the snake…and I was the goat.” — Huge points to whoever gets that reference Wednesdays at Faith & Whiskey are always a good bet.  They have 40s served in brown paper bags for $6….for whatever reason, I really love this.  But…best of all…DJ White Shadow (!!!) has... Read more »

Dating and the Michael Buble Rule

AP If there are two things I’ve learned about dating, it’s that there are way too many fish in the sea and it is waaaay too easy to snare one.  Each guy is so shiny and new with his unheard stories, unfelt lips and unseen living room.  Most times, out of pure curiosity, I find... Read more »

Kissing Is The Best

In seventh grade, I had my starry eyes glued to the pages of Seventeen and YM.  I read every tip and hint they could possibly have offered for securing that coveted first kiss.  I studied the methods and varieties of kissing as if it was a prerequisite for becoming a teenager.  Without these skills, you... Read more »