Sexy Lingo

Blackberry BallsWhen a romantic interest texts and texts...AND TEXTS...but never confirms an actual IRL meeting.

Dickmotized: When a man has a woman so struck that she is not making the most logical decisions. This usually occurs in the loved up early stages of a pairing.

NSFD: Not Safe For Dad

WWMMS: What Would My Mom Say

WAX: Wack Acting Ex

Foxing: When a woman goes out with the intention of flirting with guys

Lonewolf: Going to an event, restaurant, movie theatre, festival, or other public social space by yourself

BGF: Best Gay Friend, or Gay Boy Friend

BGN: Big Gay Night, which for me includes my BGF and lots of dance music

LTR: Long Term Relationship

PLTMF: Project Listen To My Friends

IRL: In Real Life