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This is not a sex blog.

Half skeptical and hopelessly romantic, Accidentally Sexy is an honest story of self-discovery explored through relationships, fashion, food, travel, music and anything I can get my hands on. This isn't just my story. There is a whole community of independent, forward-thinking women who can do their own thing and interesting, thoughtful men who just want an honest peek into a woman's head. This is for the peeps who live an inspiring life, so they won't settle for anything less than an inspiring love.

Sometimes I write just to make sense of my thoughts. It's like a scientist working through an equation. If I write it down and begin to dissect it, the answer will eventually rise from the details. It turns out there are a lot of people trying to solve for the same solution. That's why I share my results.

The greatest thing about listening to a sad song when you're feeling lonely is that it means you aren't the first or only person to feel that way.

There's a theory that nothing exists outside of the present moment. Act in it.

We're all just weirdos anyway.


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