Quick Musing: Running Into That Guy Who Broke Your Heart

It’s weird how a little time changes everything.

When I was 23, I was super infatuated with a 39 year old man. Yes, gross, I know. And he was my boss. So. Not creepy at all. When I told my mom, she kinda panicked and the first thing she could think of was to tell me that I should marry Josh Groban. (Side note: Still trying.)

It ended poorly. Partially because I was 23 and very naive and partially because he was 39 and still a child.

Today, I saw this guy again for the first time is seven years. And.


All of the LOLs in the world cannot quite capture it.

30 year old Ana wants to teleport to 23 year old Ana and be like, “Girl, he is so gross. You win forever.” I’m not going to lie. Seeing that time has not been kind to the man who broke your trusting little heart into a million pieces is pretty satisfying. Yes, it’s petty. Yes, it’s not an emotion coming from my higher being. And, yes, it still feels good.

My hair is blond and short, as compared to when it was dark brown and long. And I was wearing my glasses. I’m pretty sure he didn’t recognize me.

Two lessons:

  • It’s nice┬áto see these┬ápeople who once held such an important role in your life, realize that you kept moving in the right direction and realize that even though you felt like everything was going to end, it didn’t. Life kept moving forward and things only got better.
  • Whatever you are feeling right now, whether it is positive or negative, is only temporary. And yet, it all builds. As Annie Dillard said, “How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.”

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