The Meaning Of Life As Told By Third Graders

Today’s Motivation:

In January, my entire life changed. It changed, because I decided to change it.

And, in so doing, I’ve found this amazing person that I wasn’t even sure existed any more. All I had to do was start believing that I had the right answer for me and taking action. The rewards were immediate. The funny thing about taking giant life changing risks is that as soon as you do them it seems that everyone around you is saying “I’ve been waiting for you!”

Some things are out of your control. But a lot of things are. A lot more things are in your control than you probably realize. So, you have to ask yourself whether you want to be the writer of your own narrative or have someone else dictating your story.

The answer is probably pretty obvious. But taking complete responsibility for yourself can be scary. It’s scary. But it works.

Nobody knows what’s good for you better than you do.


*I removed a paragraph about some of the things I’ve done to create this change. It feels like that needs its own post.

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