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Scariest Last Minute Halloween Costumes For Single Women

If you want to scare people, you’ve got to do something that gets them right to the core. I’m talking about the kind of stuff that keeps grown men awake at night and the stuff of your teenage nightmares. The Woman Who Wants To Be In A Real Relationship With You: I mean, this one... Read more »

Online Bullying Is Hilarious

Online Bullying Is Hilarious
Okay. Not the online bullying. But the online bullies. They are hilarious. Yesterday, I posted a picture of my new hair online. Less than 24 hours later, someone had created a brand new instagram to be a dick about my hair. The idea of someone following someone on social media that they already have some festering... Read more »

BIG Announcement For People With Ear Holes

BIG Announcement For People With Ear Holes
Jillian Conley, an erotic novelist and ridiculously good looking human, and I are launching a new radio show! The monthly show, called Her Monthly, will broadcast the third Monday of every month. Who should listen: Cool ass chicks Dudes who want to know more about cool ass chicks We’ll be talking about dating, sexuality, women’s... Read more »

How To React When Someone Is A Total Jerk

Today, some total b-face went out of her way to try to ruin my day. I was driving home to Iowa for my dad’s 60th birthday. About an hour and a half from my parents’ place is an outlet mall and I decided to pull off to a) buy a present, and b) eat lunch…since... Read more »

The Meaning Of Life As Told By Third Graders

Today’s Motivation: In January, my entire life changed. It changed, because I decided to change it. And, in so doing, I’ve found this amazing person that I wasn’t even sure existed any more. All I had to do was start believing that I had the right answer for me and taking action. The rewards were... Read more »