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Dominicks Closing Sale Looks Like The Apocalypse

Have you ever wondered what it would be like in a Post-Apocalyptic world? Well, sci-fi fantasists need to look no further than any Chicagoland Dominicks closing sale. With area stores preparing to close, Dominicks locations have priced their stock at 30% of liquor and 50% off everything else, except meat and produce. Here’s an idea... Read more »

The 10 Stages Of Going On A Date

I make this way too hard for myself. Are you with me? Side story: My mom told me that my drawing style is “primitive.”                  

Best Way To Handle A Wrong Number

Best Way To Handle A Wrong Number
I got a wrong number last night. This is how I handled that. At 12:30 am, I received a series of calls from a number I didn’t know. They would call, get voicemail, hang up without leaving a message and call again. You know, the kind an ex might do when they’re drunk and angry/horny.... Read more »