A Word Of Thanks To Roger Ebert

I’m not sure what to say, but I feel like there should be words.

When I first began writing Accidentally Sexy, I posted a piece about the wonders of making out. Shortly after, I remember reading a blog post by Roger Ebert on the very same topic of kissing. I’ve always filed that away in my mind as possible proof that a man I admired so deeply would have read anything I’d written. That it stuck in his head enough to address it also. Even if he had come to this topic on his own, this slight chance has always made that piece feel special.

I remember watching Siskel & Ebert with my dad. I’ve never been that excited about movies, but the idea that these two men were the national decision makers always impressed me. Their opinions were witty, but carried weight.

From the thoughts passed along via Twitter, it was obvious that Ebert was more than just a movies guy. He was a curious guy, an interested in the world guy. Even coming to age in the world of old school journalism, he found a way to utilize new methods of technology to not just continue, but amplify his career. First through television and later through the means of social media. I’m always impressed by people who seek opportunities in challenges and find growth through being adaptive. No time would this become more obvious than when Roger Ebert lost his ability to talk and, rather than being defeated, found new ways to express himself.

As a writer and Chicagoan (albeit adopted), Roger Ebert’s career sheds light on a path that we all would like to follow. Thank you for not covering up the footsteps behind you.

Cheers to a life lived with curiosity and fullness. R.I.P. Roger Ebert.

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