Hot Chicago Bachelors 2009 - Where Are They Now

In December 2009, I made a list of hot Chicago men that I would totally make out with. The list went a little wonky when I moved from one online host to another and most of the info went up in smoke!

With a new year  and thoughts on crushes, I thought it might be fun to check in on these dudes and see what they’ve been doing for the past (oh my god, I’ve been writing this blog for) three years.

Turns out, I know how to pick them! These guys have been growing in ways I wouldn’t have even predicted. Some are single now and some aren’t, but they are all still totally worth this list.

**There are a few names that I didn’t hear back from and I didn’t want to update with inaccurate information. One notable name missing is Patrick Sharp, who went on to win the Stanley Cup. I didn’t make out with Sharp, but I did kiss the cup. I’ll take it.

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