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Dramatic Eye Opening Moment: Lindsay Lohan

Hey guys, I had a sit straight up in bed moment this morning. Remember that time that Lindsay Lohan was dating Wilber Valderamma and Ashton put her on Punk’d?  It was at the time that she was a) still a red head, b) adorable and squeaky clean, and c) not acting like a crazy person.... Read more »

Remember When Grinding Was Cool?

Grind (v.) – 1. When two overly stimulated people don’t know how to dance, so they just rub up against each other kiiiiiiinda to the music.  2. The prequel to this or Kim K’s tape.  You canNOT tell me Ray J didn’t get all hands-y and publicly creepy first.  (If Kanye is talking about it,... Read more »

What HBO's Girls Taught Me About My Last Relationship

Forward to the :33 mark and focus on the girl with long brown curly hair in the plunging white dress, this was me at every single one of my ex boyfriend’s shows.  Who was I kidding?!  I couldn’t even skip until I was 8 and the Queen of England was at my college graduation, people.... Read more »