Sexy Rx: Macy's Flower Show

Spring is here!  Spring is here!  As of right now, that does NOT mean warmer weather…grumble!  It does, however, mean the launch of Macy’s Flower Show.  I can get down with that.

The theme behind this year’s show is Tower of Flowers.  The design encourages you to look up, up, up!  As a 5’10” Anazon (spelling on purpose, lol), I really appreciate some height!  The brains behind the show have included many recycled and sustainable elements, including reusing 90% of the plants.  Best part: if a customer sees a plant they like in the display, Macy’s will help them work with the nursery to make that purchase.

My favorite detail, however, is the “signature scent” of lavender-chamomile that is integrated onto the scratch and sniff programs and (BEST YET!) the pedway outside Macy’s.  As a former red line commuter, I can personally attest that the pedway currently smells like pee.  At least this way, there will be something a bit more palatable for a few weeks.

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Your Sexy Rx:

The Spot: Macy’s On State for the Macy’s Flower Show, taking place Sunday, March 27 to Sunday, April 10.  Check it out on your own,or take a guided tour with a University of Illinois Extension Master Gardener.  Tours available Thursday through Sundays at 11 a.m., 1 p.m. and 2 p.m.

Pick-Up Line That Just Might Work:
If you were a flower and I were a bee, I’d definitely help pollinate you.

Who You’ll See: Macy’s on State is a tourist destination, so expect plenty of out-of-towners.

Romance Factor: 3/5…this isn’t going to be somewhere that you meet someone, but it’s Spring and romance is freaking everywhere.

Couple Factor: 5/5…bring your someone special.  It smells great, the displays are beautiful and it’s undeniably romantic to get a little lost amongst the flowers.

Cinch The Deal:  Head up to the Walnut Room for a glass of champagne or floral wine flight.

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