Elizabeth Taylor Has Died At 79

Elizabeth Taylor Has Died At 79

Cleopatra – one of Elizabeth’s most iconic roles

The stunning screen legend, Elizabeth Taylor, has passed away this morning.

I always have an appreciation for a good bombshell and Elizabeth Taylor was one of the original and the best.  A beautiful woman with a difficult personal life, Elizabeth Taylor encapsulates the tragic story of Hollywood that we have become so obsessed with.

What always strikes me about stories like Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe and, even, Britney Spears, is that a perfect body, beautiful face, incredible talent, success and money still doesn’t mean that you’ll find love.  I don’t care what anyone says.  If Britney could take it all back, she would be with Justin.  The love of Marilyn Monroe’s life was Joe D’Maggio.  Even though he took care of Marilyn for her entire life, including her funeral arrangements, they could never make it work.  She was too much woman for him.  Elizabeth Taylor had several marriages, including one to Conrad “Nicky” Hilton, Jr. (Yeah…that’s right!).  None of which worked out and finally landing on a very close friendship with Micheal Jackson.

From child star to movie icon, Elizabeth Taylor was born into the spotlight.  In fact, the production of Cleopatra overshadowed Marilyn Monroe’s last (incomplete) movie.  She was the new babe in town.  With dark hair and dark eyes, she gave us brunettes a little hope!

A life of struggle, but of constant triumph, Elizabeth Taylor even played a key roll in inspiring Charlotte in Sex & The City to brush her shoulders off and get back up again.  With perfectly coifed hair, dark sunglasses and a little formfitting dress, she pulled herself together and put on a brave face.  If you should take one thing from this little memoriam, it should be this: Even in the face of adversity, don’t give up and look fabulous doing it.


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  • Not sure if this was an accident, but you put Britney Spears literally in the same sentence as Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monore.

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    Crap! Realized I just did too.

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