Accidentally Sexy March Madness Survival Guide

Accidentally Sexy March Madness Survival Guide
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I famously told my friend, “You know what the best part about being single is? I don’t have to watch March Madness this year.”  It’s not that I don’t like basketball.  In fact, my parents encouraged more consumption of basketball than milk when I was growing up.  Our living room looks like an ESPN Zone.  I even played on a boy’s YMCA basketball team in 7th grade, when I was the only chick to sign up for the girl’s league.  I was at Micheal Jordan’s first retirement ceremony.  I love going to live games and have been prrrrretty spoiled with my seats.  Basketball has been a big part of my life.


I could give two shakes about college basketball.  If I have to choose between sitting at home and watching a game vs. doing literally anything else, I will choose swimming with sharks, vacuuming or being punched in the face over watching two random teams spar it out. 

Yet, I always end up dating guys who get way too amped up about sports.  I will never be able to understand their passion, but they probably won’t “get” why I nearly blackout when OPI comes out with a new palette.  We just have to agree to deal with it.  I won’t argue with you about watching your games, if you can be cool with the fact that I’m a girl who wears “outfits” and “looks”.

Sure, there are girls who get into the sports talk and guys eat that up.  I am just not one of them.  That is why I have created the Accidentally Sexy March Madness Survival Guide. 

  1. Make a bracket.  You don’t have to know anything about the teams or be trying to create a competitive bracket.  Just take 15 minutes out of your life to write down some teams.  Not only will it show your guy that you are willing to be involved in his interests, but will also give you a reason to care about watching the games.
  2. Watch the games from a bar or have a viewing party at home.  First, if you get bored, at least there will be beer.  Second, there will be an exciting, lively atmosphere, which will help you get into the spirit.  There is nothing that bores me more than being forced to sit at home alone with my guy, while he watches the game.  He can watch it, I’m happy to let him.  I love seeing how much he gets into it.  Just let me do my own thing.
  3. Don’t be the girl who asks too many questions or tries to have a conversation about your own stuff during the game.  This is his thing.  Let him have it.  Imagine if you took him to a runway show and he spent the whole time yapping at you about his job or asking why the designer has so many one-shoulder looks.
  4. Find a creative way to wear your support.  Don’t expect me to wear a team t-shirt and jeans.  That will just never ever happen.  I might, however, wear a basketball ring, integrate team colors or wear a vintage jersey and my Jordans.  
  5. Make sure that a win is paired with a hot make out session.  His team won.  His adrenaline is pumping.  Take advantage of that.  

To my non-sports-loving ladies, how do you avoid your own March madness during March Madness?

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