Win A Last-Minute Holiday Gift



It’s the holidays and you have all been very good this year.  Lucky for you, this coincides with me needing to clean out my closet.  Besides the usual terms and conditions, there are two main rules: 1) leave a comment below telling me which prize you want and why, 2) you have to be able to pick the prize up from me in Chicago, because no one is reimbursing my shipping fees and I’m not feeling that charitable.

Bonus: If you convince your friends to leave a comment on your comment, it counts as an extra entry.



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  • I get that you like a little stubble on a guy's face and I'm not one to shave every single day, so yes, I've got a little stubble going on as I type this comment. But I do prefer keeping my own face smooth, which is why I'd pick the electric razor you have posted here. I've never used an electric razor before, but it could be interesting to try. Heck, I'd even be willing to provide a review for you to post here as a comparison to the manual razors I've been using since high school.

  • Ah,to receive the gift of a Norelco SensoTouch 3D Razor is Christmas Dream! My face yearns to be as smooth as a baby's bottom. The SensoTouch 3D Razor can do that for me as well as you (and others). Let me have a go at it. Thanks.

  • Let me tell you, it takes work to keep this mug looking good! A new Norelco would help speed up the process and allow me more time to get on the straight guys about their issues!!! :-)

  • We all know that guy who can grow a beard in no time. Or the one who looks great with some scruff on his face, a sexy five o-clock shadow. I, however, am not that guy. I go a few days without shaving, and I am bound to look like Kyle "Captain Neckbeard" Orton. In other words, not good. The Norelco SnesoTouch 3D Razor would help me keep my face smooth and sexy, without the hassle or discomfort of using a manual razor. I'll concede that ladies have way more surface area to shave on their legs, but have you ever tried shaving your neck? When you're hungover? And you only have 21.3 seconds to finish or you'll be late to work again? Or what about before a big first date? Slip up, and you could have a major injury on your hands.
    The Norelco SensoTouch 3D Razor would make a great gift for me, by giving a close, comfortable shave, for the ladies who want a smooth, sexy face for their man, and for the world, who shouldn't be subject to more than the original "Captain Neckbeard."
    Merry Christmas!

  • Ana, I just recently got married in June. My wife was raised conservatively and almost never talked about "down there" and if she did, only to doctors. Well, recently she's been asking questions that surprisingly i know the answers too but i do't know all the answers(basic questions). This would be a great read for her and stop telling me "are you sure, how do you know this stuff?" This way she can be assured of what is going on down there.

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