Sexy Rx: Your Girlfriend's Favorite Designer


I WILL own this dress.

Anna Hovet is your girlfriend’s favorite designer…or so she claims.  This future awesome girlfriend is happy to confirm it. 

This weekend, you have two chances to get your best fox on with these fun fashion events.  First, grab your girls this Friday to check out the monthly Pretty in Pilsen, a girly party with four Chicago designers.  Plus, if you bring a lightly-used sweater to donate, you get 25% of your purchase. Not too shabby!  Even if you’re only looking to window shop, Anna and the girls will take photos of you in your favorite pieces to send a gentle hint to that special someone.

Then, Sunday, bring your guy to Anna Hovet’s combined Runway and Trunk Show at Beauty Bar.  The show is free and starts prompty at 9 p.m.  Since she’s teamed up with Absolut and Jameson, you know it’ll be a good time.  If that wasn’t enough, the night rounds off with a drunken spelling bee.

I never made it past a few rounds in sober you’re-in-third-grade-and-should-know-how-to-spell-rhyme spelling bees, but Kent was in the National Spelling Bee, so I think I’ll win by association.  Side note: He got kicked out for misspelling “Kirsch.”  During an early date, he asked me what my favorite type of cake was.  When I answered “Black Forest Cake,” I was almost kicked out of the car for daning to consume the cherry liquor.

Your Sexy Rx:

The Spot: Friday, Dec. 10 at 2150 S. Canalport Ave. for Pretty In Pilsen and Sunday, Dec. 12 at Beauty Bar for Anna Hovet’s Free Runway/Trunk Show

Pick-up Line That Just Might Work: Well, I’m in Pilsen…do you think I’m pretty?

Who You’ll See: Clued-in urban fashionistas in an unitimidating, fun atmosphere.

Romance Factor: 3/5…Beauty Bar always has a good mix of people.

Couple Factor: 3/5…Dear boyfriends, it’s like shopping (which she always wants to make you do), but there will be booze and models.

Cinch the Deal: Ladies – The girls at Pretty In Pilsen will take photos of you in your “wish list” items and send them to your special someone.  Gentlemen: Buy the items she is wearing for Christmas.

Want to be in Accidentally Sexy?  Have a “Freak ‘Em Dress,” i.e. that one dress you KNOW makes heads turn? Send a picture of you in your dress to AccidentallySexy (at) gmail (dot) com and I’ll include it in an upcoming gallery.  My Freak ‘Em Dress is an Anna Hovet original.


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  • despite the cute pick-up line, i'm pretty sure no guys are going to go to Pretty in Pilsen to flirt with girls. plus, they'd be too distracted with shopping the sale anyways :)Sunday, though, much better option. especially with Jameson being involved.

  • In reply to DTdubya:

    Well, the SexyRx isn't always necessarily about an instant score. Sometimes it's about amping your personal sexy...and what better way to do that then some retail therapy. Then, you can take Beauty Bar by the horns. This week's SexyRx is a 2-for-1 ;)

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