2011 Resolutions: Stick The Landing


(Getty Images) Stick the landing.

Life is a gamble.  Every day, we are playing a game of chance and risk.  We can say no to the challenge, but oftentimes the biggest payoffs present the scariest leaps of faith.  You want to start a new career. You want to move cities. You want to commit to the right relationship.

When the opportunity presents itself, take it.  Even when the odds are against you, take it.  You’ll never regret taking a chance on yourself, but you will always regret the what-ifs and the shoulda’s.  But we already know this.  This isn’t new advice.

Taking the gamble isn’t enough.  If you are going to put your name, money, reputation, whatever on the line, you owe it to yourself to make it pay off.  The opportunity may be complete luck, but what you do with it is all you.

I’ve been given opportunities tied up with a bow and presented on a silver platter with a note saying “Happy for the rest of your life, Ana. Love, The Universe.”  It’s been awesome and it’s definitely gotten me places, but I’ve failed to realize that these are just stepping stones or entrances into my greater goal and ultimate dream.  What good is an open door if you just stand in the threshold? 

With every challenge that presents itself to you, there are a 1,001 naysayers telling you it’s too risky, and to stay where it’s safe.  So, here you are, being shown Arcadia, but choosing just to look at it rather than live there.  Why?  Because you are too scared.  If I look at it, it is always an opportunity, a possibility.  If I I take the chance and I fail, what do I have to look forward to anymore? 

Every time you make any gamble or take any risk, commit to it with everything you have.  Go all in.  Have confidence in movement.  Like a gymnast taking a leap, changing your mind mid-tumble will cost you everything.  In 2011, do whatever it takes to stick that landing.

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