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Groupon Bets On First Date Success

( First dates are equal parts terrifying and thrilling.  Part of me is screaming without much reason…just an internal “OH HOLY CRAP!!!!!” panic attack.  The other part is really excited.  Every first date could be your last first date.  It’s totally possible that you are about to embark on that wild, crazy love story that... Read more »

Weekend Recap: They Should Sell My Brand Of Party In Stores

  I think this place is called Mullen’s, I think this shot is called a Lemondrop, I think I’ve never looked happier. Wow.  I guess I’m really back into the swing of things.  I didn’t push it, I waited for it and…wow…it paid to have patience with myself.  This was the first weekend where I... Read more »

Sexy Rx: Oktoberfest...the last festival of the season!

( I started at RedEye last summer as its 50Fests correspondent.  I quickly found that going to Chicago festivals was an AMAZING way to meet single guys.  The season, however, is coming to a close this weekend, and all the Chicagoan boys and girls are starting to pair up for the long winter nap.  There are... Read more »

Breaking Up: How To Rebound Like A Winner

( Turn that rebound into a slam dunk! The most popular method of rebounding is to date someone new as quickly as possible.  I’ll even admit that this has been my preferred way of coping in break-ups past.  I’ve come to realize, however, that this is pretty narrow-minded and, in the end, will probably just... Read more »

Sexy Rx: The Soundtrack To Moving On

Music is a universal language.  Nothing can quite patch you up in the way a song can.  As you might guess, I’ve been listening to A LOT of music lately.  Let me just assure you, it’s been a good move. Tonight is my Back On The Market party at The Fifty/50.  In addition to a... Read more »

Back On The Market Party at The Fifty/50

Back On The Market Party at The Fifty/50
When adjusting to a break up, you have two options: 1) Pine away after someone who has made the decision to discard you 2) Accept the situation for what it is and react to it.  Do you stay home on weekends and cry because Justin Timberlake hasn’t responded to any of your letters?  Of course... Read more »

Sexy Rx: Culture, Art and a Singles Meat Market

(Flickr Photo Credit: Banalities) Sculptures outside the MCA There is a definite chill in the air today and summer is flickering to a close.  I’ve always found autumn to be electrifying.  Everyone’s sense of romance is at a ten and as we add on layers of clothing, we are trying to spy a hibernation partner. ... Read more »