Sexy Rx: How to Score at Lollapalooza

Lady Gaga

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There is no better place to meet someone than waiting in line at a festival or waiting for a show to start.  As the RedEye’s former 50Fests correspondent, I can give the Accidentally Sexy guarantee.  You are both in fun, happy moods: check!  There is an enclosed space: check!  There is a lot of waiting around time: check!  All it takes is a casual “How long have you been waiting?” or “Did you see this show?” convo while waiting to grab some Graham Elliot festival food and you are golden!  Plus, since this festival is over three days, you have lots of opportunities to bump into each other around the festival grounds.

I’m not going to Lollapalooza this year, and I am not happy about it.  This line-up looks killer, but even if it stunk there is no party like Lolla.  TDH managed to get a three-day ticket as a gift from his aunt and will be going with his cousin for her birthday.  I am so jealous that I can hardly speak without wanting to mug him and steal his ticket.

Want to get lucky at this year’s Lolla?  This week’s Sexy Rx has twice the advice.  First, check out my recommended show list.  Second, hit the jump for tips on how to score at Lolla.

In other news, I will be accepting any and all Lollapalooza invitations.  Get in touch!

Your Sexy Rx:

  • The Spot: Lollapalooza in Chicago’s Grant Park, August 6 – 8
  • Pick-up Line That Just Might Work: “Want to meet Lady Gaga?” Who are we kidding? If you’ve got Gaga access, you’ve got everything.  For the average chickadees among us, try “Want to compare schedules?  I bet you a Big Star concession taco that we are seeing at least 5 of the same shows.”
  • Who You’ll See: Everyone. Celebrities, that guy from the coffee shop around the corner, your grade school crush, Woodstock survivors.  Everyone.
  • Romance Factor: 4/5…the atmosphere is so exciting, you are hearing the best music in the world, everyone is beyond happy to be there and in a party mindset.  The only drawback is a major lack of privacy.  I have to admit, however, that doesn’t seem to stop many people.
  • Couple Factor: 5/5…maybe it’s just because I love music, but this is a great place to bring a date.  One of the most fun, exciting events all year.  If you are single, though, it’s a quick and easy place to pick up a date…not just any date, but someone who shares your musical taste!
  • Cinch The Deal: There are dozens of afterparty shows happening this weekend.  I recommend either Beauty Bar with Hollywood Holt or Underground with Mike Posner (who I LOVE) and Semi Precious Weapons. Both parties are Friday.


As referenced in the photo gallery, check out my Chicago “to do” list.

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