Chicago Magazine's Most Eligible Singles - I'm No Longer Eligible

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What am I doing with my life?!  

Chicago Magazine recently released their annual list of 20 Most Eligible Singles of 2010…and they totally frighten me.  Kelly Goldsmith is an assistant professor of marketing at the Kellogg School of Management, Randy Wells is a freakin’ pitcher for the Chicago cubs, Heidi Sauhammell started her own perfume line. The average age is somewhere between the late 20s and early 30s, so I still have a little wiggle room to join their ranks in kicking butt… right?

Earlier this year, a former flame forwarded me the Chicago Magazine’s open call for Chicago’s most eligible single.  (Awesome that he thought I was good enough, ironic that it was underlining my singleness.)  The Top Singles issue has always been my absolute favorite and the starting point for many crushes.  It has been a goal of mine to find a way into its pages.  I like flattery, ya’ll!  It’s as if you win Prom Queen of Chicago.  The highlighted hotties always have the greatest bios and are typically people I already recognize from around town.  This was a beautiful group of people and maybe my former flame was right.  Maybe this is my year!

And then… a few weeks later… I was off the market, thereby removing the most important characteristic of a singles list… being single.

There are just some things you need to get out of your system while you’re single. Namely: vanity and selfishness.  The problem is that they are sooooooo fun!  Wait, wait.  Before my comments explode, let me explain.  Going to a bar and flirty with tons of guys?  Vanity.  Not needing to consider anyone else’s feelings, availability, patterns?  Selfishness.  Ana wanting to be named an eligible single?  Total vanity.  Delicious, delicious vanity.

Even if I could fit the ridiculously impressive credentials of Chicago Magazine’s top picks, I wouldn’t trade the TDH*.  They all want what I’ve got.

A relationship isn’t the end of fun, but rather an extension and enhancement of it (otherwise I am not at all interested in being in one.)  

What do you have to get out of your system before you can be serious about a relationship?


If you want to meet Chicago Magazine’s Singles, buy tickets for Summer Lovin’ on Friday, June 18. It’s Chicago Magazine’s annual mixer, cosponsored by the Auxillary Board for Northwestern Memorial Hospital, held at the Museum of Contemporary Art.  This year, the mixer with benefit the Northwestern Brain Tumor Institute.  Purchase tickets at or at the door!

*TDH = Tall, Dark and Handsome = Boyfriend.


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  • LOL are you writing on your own photos like Perez Hilton....

  • I always thought TDH meant "the designated hitter" when i read it in your posts. It never made any sense to me!

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