Tales of Date Night (with Jenny!) at Second City

Tales of Date Night (with Jenny!) at Second City

The cast from Second City e.t.c’s Best Friggin’ TIme of Your Life: (left to right) Tom Flanigan, Tim Baltz, Beth Melewski, Brendan Jennings, Christina Anthony and Mary Sohn (photo by Bob Knuth)

It’s been awhile since I’ve had a good “girl date” with my best friend and usual “hunting” partner, Jenny.  With my insane schedule of all work and even more play and Jenny’s new side gig as a cocktail waitress at a downtown club, we’ve been having the worst time crossing paths!  It totally sucks!  When I was offered two tickets to Second City’s Best Friggin’ Time of Your Life (day job perk!), I didn’t ask a guy…no!  It was time to reconnect with my Second in Command and encourage her to get up to a little trouble…I’m the best kind of friend!

Expect to see: The hottest waitstaff…EVER!  We even saw one ridiculous duo where the girl was wearing a skintight micro mini and mile high heels…you are at a play…and it is 7 p.m.  Her guy was getting gradually more jealous as she had BLATANTLY been there recently with another dude and kept slipping up in her conversation.

What to wear:  Do not wear a skintight micro mini and mile high heels.  You will look ridiculous and end up in the commentary of a blog.  I’d suggest “going out” jeans and a cute top.  I never recommend jeans, so you know I’m serious.  It’s a casual spot and you want to be able to check out the ultra casual neighboring “comic” bars afterwards.

Terrible pick-up line/blatant lie that just might work:  I have the entire SNL DVD collection at my place…I just hate being the only person providing the laugh track……..

Insider’s Tip:  The Second City e.t.c. stage has some sort of amazing booze filled concoction called the “Chicago River” with five types of liquor and a hint of “toxic waste.”  Sounds like a one-two punch to me!  If you really want to impress someone, they also offer some pretty fancy champagne. 

Tales of Accidentally Sexy:  1) I want to hang out with the entire cast.  The show was fantastic and I need them all in my life.  2) After the show, Jenny and I went across the street to one of the two Irish bars.  Turns out, it was half-price bottles of wine….only good decisions were made from then on……….

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