RedEye's Bachelorette of the Week: The Barefoot Contessa

Growing up, it was always impossible to keep me in shoes.  I loved to be barefoot.  I loved running outside with the grass tickling my soles or climbing the jagged bark of my neighbor’s tree.  I wore one pair of shoes and they were sandals for easy removal.  I’ve got to say, however, walking around barefoot in Big City Tap is another level…not for the faint (or sober) of heart.  Apparently, Emily Belden knows how to party.

Emily Belden.JPG

Emily, as r_vance_b argues, you win this week’s title “by a cookie sheet.”  And if I know anything about guys (which is totally debatable…read at your own risk!) baking chocolate chip cookies is the greatest skill you can ever possess.

Nicole, you were so close.  A girl who knows Degrassi can understand my obsession with Drake…who, by the way, is too jaded with fame way too early.  I leave you with this consolation

Emily, this is for you!


 If you’re looking for a way to meet these sexy singles, RedEye bachelors and bachelorettes will be on parade with yours truly at Bin 36 on Wednesday, May 12.  RSVP here and bring your friends!  I will be handing out limited edition RedEye buttons to the first 10 people who take a photo of me and start a rumor on facebook or Twitter involving @AccidentallySxy and Justin Bieber.  See you then!


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