RedEye Bachelor of the Week: It's Time To Improvise

What a decision!  I think this is the most active bachelor message board I have seen yet.  It was like reliving my glory days as head lawyer in 7th grade mock trial with all the debate and rebuttal.  Comments ranged from the sweet, “gives hope to all the single ladies out there” to bizarre, “his urine smells wonderful.” The verdict has been reached, however…let me walk you through the thought process….
First, we have Todd Robel.  It would be really hot to say you were dating a firefighter, admittedly…and his bursting-through-blazing-buildings-with-a-baby-and-a-puppy muscles are clearly visible through that shirt. But…the photo…yes, girls like champagne…girls like me REALLY like champagne.  Korbel doesn’t quite cut it as a bottle I would pose with…let’s just chalk that up to the fact that Todd is young-ish…rookie mistake?

Then, there were two.

Ryan Brinkerhoff…we meet again.  Earlier this year, I went on a date with the RedEye resident hunk and the geek.  In one of the posts, the geek was getting flirted with on the message boards and I felt a little left out!  So…I responded flirtaciously to one of Ryan’s comments…and was rejected!!!!!  In truth, I love a guy in a suit and it’s awesome that he goes from crunching corporate numbers to some amateur comedy…all in a day’s work.  As was mentioned numerous times on the message board, however, not clipping your toenails is just gross…that poor pedicurist!

Rob Lynch.JPG

The RedEye Bachelor of the Week slipped ahead of Ryan by literally one vote. I don’t always decide based on sheer volume of votes, but the arguments were really heartfelt…and you know what they say about a woman scorned, right, Ryan? (Haha! Just kidding…mostly…)  Congratulations to Rob Lynch who not only had the most comments, but also had people e-mailing me with novel length votes.  I also really liked that Rob was so active in the boards himself.  A guy who is that enthused from the start can only be a good sign.  My favorite comment came from Laura Shatkus who wrote a laundry list that included “he’s tall” (personal weakness) and “he’s open-minded and loves a good city adventure.”

P.S. Rob, you have a couple secret admirers.  I asked them to repost on the wall.  Some wouldn’t and others weren’t quite as revealing on the public forum…maybe you didn’t need the RedEye bachelor boost at all!

Disclaimer: I once dated a comedian/actor and have since purposefully strayed away from that type.  They can’t all be totally unhinged, right?



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  • Applause! Applause! Great choice Ana. Rob Lynch gets the nod and Laura Shatkus is the one who put him over the top. How sweet it is

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