Would you get married at town hall?


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Bridezilla… (Photo Credit: Flickr — Hibryd)

I am borderline addicted to reality wedding shows.  I easily spend an entire weekend watching Bridezilla, Say Yes To The Dress and Platinum Weddings.  Every once in awhile, you will see a couple who appears to be completely head over heels for eachother…but mostly, I am just gobsmacked by the complete crazies who have badgered some guy into marrying them.  These women are insane.  If I wasn’t watching it alone at my parents’ house during the daytime, I would almost definitely introduce a “drink-everytime-she-calls-herself-a-princess” game.  I’d be sleeping under a table by noon.

I like the idea of getting married someday, but these elaborate, cliche ceremonies (that I guarantee the guests will not remember or care about) seem to be so pointless, especially considering that 90% of these couples will be headed for divorce.  If you make $60,000, you shouldn’t be spending $90,000 on your “big day.”  In this big, flashy focus on making your wedding into the biggest, best day of your entire lives, you are forgetting one very key thing: this day is supposed to be the entry into your entire lives, not the highlight.

With the economy and couples rebelling against the excess, I’ve known two couples who have recently been secretly married at town hall.  I am all for it.  There’s something so romantic about that.  The idea that a wedding can be personal and intimate, that the act focuses on the two of you, that stripped down from its attention to chachkis that your guests will throw out, cake they won’t remember and decorations they won’t notice, the ceremony can be a quiet pact made between two people who truly love eachother seems very appealing to me.

Yet, I am the girl who wants everything…surprising, I know!  There’s a part of me that has always wanted to elope in Vegas at a cheesy drive through chapel, but I think that’s the same part of me that doesn’t want that wedding to count…as if it would be the same as when my sister officiated the wedding between Timmy and me at the top of the slide in our backyard.  If I were to get married at town hall and not have my friends and family there, I’m pretty sure that somewhere, sometime down the road, I’d be really disappointed.  I know that my parents, sisters and handful of closest friends would definitely be disappointed.  Lucky for me, I won’t be having to make that call anytime soon.

Would you ever get married at town hall?


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  • I think going for cheaper weddings is just practical in this economy, but even within the city there are so many great inexpensive options. For example it costs only 5000$ to rent out the stunning room in the Chicago Cultural Center. Arguably the most beautiful interior public space in the entire Chicago http://images.google.com/images?hl=en&source=hp&q=chicago+cultural+center&gbv=2&aq=f&aqi=g1&aql=&oq=&gs_rfai=

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