The Results: RedEye's Bachelor and Bachelorette of the Week

Oh…the POWER!

This week, RedEye asked me to select not just the bachelor, but also the bachelorette of the week.  They’ve obviously realized that feeding my ego will get them anything they want.  Diva!

Hit the jump for this week’s results. 

SPOILER ALERT: One of these has a pretty good story attached…

RedEye Bachelor of the Week

First off, both of these guys have a very passionate and articulate following.  The comment section was filled with moving editorials typically left to Best Man speeches.  Hey, maybe you guys will be able to make those speeches soon with a little Bachelor of the Week boost to his dating life.

I have a huge thing for musicians, but I also like older men!  Decisions!


This week’s RedEye Bachelor of the Week is Rob Pelligrini. 

Reasons: His friends quote Supreme Court Justices, apparently he has a really great apartment (but also some creepy girl who knows it in great detail – negative column), and the words “genunie”, “great style” and “warm” kept popping up…that is a really good sign.




RedEye Bachelorette of the Week

I have to say, this was a VERY impressive group of girls.  Stunningly beautiful and successful, I could probably ask any of them to replace me in my banner and be forgotten about in seconds…yeah, that’s right…I KNOW you’re fickle!


My choice, however, is Emily Marie Morse.  Yes, she received a ton of votes.  Yes, the arguments were very persuasive.  Yes, she caught my eye immediately and has a really edgy, beautiful, interesting look.  My real reason, however, is so. much. better.

(NSFD!) Two weeks ago, my best friend Molly came to visit from New York.  We had a sliiiiiiiightly boozey lunch at Cafe Iberico and headed back toward my apartment to drop off her stuff.  Molly is getting married to the most amazing guy in October and this is the first time I’ve seen her since the engagement.  Now, a Lover’s Lane just opened under the L and Molly and I wanted to get some fun things for the upcoming nuptuals.  Guess who showed our tipsy, spilling-too-many-secrets selves around the store?  And guess who didn’t realize it until she read the comments section on the bachelorette post?  I’m voting for Emily, because she knows too much!

Now, go get some!

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