RedEye Bachelorette of the Week: The Results

Chicago women never cease to stun me.  It must be prrrrrretty great to be a straight dude in this city.  Once again, the bachelorette selection was filled with total babes…and interesting, funny ones at that!  I always say that I love writing Accidentally Sexy, because the people that come up to me in the street or meet me at a bar and recognize me are always smart, driven, intelligent, independent, glamorous women…and I LOVE giving those types of ladies of voice.  We’re not Cathy cartoons OR shriveled up old shrews that hate all mankind.  We’re the kind of women who are making things happen in our lives from business to dating…and like attracts like in that crazy jungle of Chicago dating.

Hit the jump to see who gets the Accidentally Sexy stamp of approval as RedEye’s Bachelorette of the Week.

Congratulations, Melissa!

Melissa Kewi.JPG

All three girls I think I could totally hang with.  I’ve actually met Jenina before…back when I was interviewing at Edelman for a position that I absolutely didn’t fit…didn’t get thaaaaaaat job.  Even with my lack of qualifications and language skills, Jenina was still so nice and encouraging…PLUS, I remember that she had a stack of RedEye’s on her desk and I mentioned that I read the RedEye daily on my commute to the gallery I worked at as a Special Projects Coordinator.  I definitely feel like I’ve met Keely before…I can’t place it, but I’m sure it was over a similar very gigantic glass of wine as in her bachelorette photo.  Plus, she’s in advertising and we creative types seem to hang out in the same crowds.

Ultimately, I picked Melissa for a few very strategic reasons.  1) I have a feeling we have dated some of the same people…why? Because according to her answers, we appear to be the exact same person. 2) In the wild, Melissa and I would be romantic rivals…I know I have said the EXACT SAME things when describing the guy I’m seeking.  “Partner in crime” is honestly the identical way I describe it.  I want to be part of a team.  Relationships should only enhance an experience, not take away from it…otherwise get going!  She also says “Bonus points if they are a musician.”  And we all know my feelings on musicians.  3) Her ideal guys are David Beckham and Maxwell.  Okay, so she for got Michael Buble…but as we’ve discussed, he’s taken and not very tall.

Melissa, you are the RedEye Bachelorette of the Week, because if we meet at a bar/concert/cafe/party/club/event/on a boat…and are eyes both lock on the same dude…you now owe me one. 

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