Life Lesson: Slow Down



You can’t rush the good things.  It’s a lesson worth learning and it’s one that I’m (fittingly) learning very, very slowly.  We want answers, we want responses, we want gratification…and instantly.  Even though I’m programmed to want to fly through life like a gibbon grasping at branch after branch, it always seems to backfire.  If you’re always looking for the next, best, greatest thing and never taking a second to pause in your own skin, one day you’re going to wake up at 80 and not even know how you got there.

In relationships, we often try to speed up the process.  The reality is that if its right, you’ve got the rest of your life to enjoy it.  Just take each moment.  Sometimes the grass is greenest where you are standing, but if you never look down, how will you know?  Focus on what’s happening to you right now.  Take the lessons, experience the emotions (good and bad), but, most of all, be involved.  Drive, don’t ride.

Take a breath, look around, it’s Monday.  Where are you?


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  • Wow, powerful entry...upon reflection I thought of this quote:

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