Happy Hour at the Art Institute? Yes, please.

drinks at art institute.JPG

Not me, but they look like they are enjoying their sophisticated selves

 For the length of the Matisse exhibit, which I’ve been trying to see for weeks, the Art Institute is hosting a happy hour in the Modern Wing from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. Thursday (Free day at the museum, but you have to be a member to see Matisse) and Friday.  Although the prices are not exactly happy hour friendly with wine at $8 and a bottle of beer ringing in at $5, you get the benefit of looking fancy to everyone who doesn’t know better.

As the weather improves, the Modern Wing will be opening up the Pritzker Garden.  As a 9 to 5 Loop resident, I absolutely intend to make this a regular stop.

pritzker pavillion Art Institute.JPG

Pritzker Garden minus my room-filling fabulous and a flute of champagne

Expect to see: Young professionals, families, the Loop elite and well-heeled crowd

What to wear: Classic, clean lines that make for an effortlessly comfortable chic

Terrible pick-up line/blatant lie that just might work: Did you get your scarf in the Galeria del Prado? It looks like one I bought my brother while I was researching the modern art movement in Madrid. 

Insider’s Tip: Make sure you check-in on foursquare.  The Mayor of the Art Institute gets free admission to After Dark, a swanky bi-monthly party swelling with beautiful people.

Tales of Accidentally Sexy: I once convinced a guy to take me on a date to see the Munch exhibit on the first day of the NCAA tournament.



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  • A word of caution about these kinds of happy hours. I once took a girl I was dating to the MCA happy hour, First Fridays. And spotted 3 different girls that I had previously dated over the last couple months. The end result was zigzagging through the crowd with my date for 2 hrs to avoid any contact with the 3 girls I had previously dated. Not only was this challenging it also left my date very confused about why we were always moving around.

    So a word of caution this these are singles meat markets, beware

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