Five Romantic Gestures That Never Go Out Of Style

I’ve always been a sucker for old-fashioned romantic gestures.  I used to daydream about a tall, dark and handsome man with a great smile showing up at my door with flowers and a box of chocolates before whisking me off on some fabulous date.  After all, that’s what Clark Gable taught me would happen.  These little tokens, however, have become so common in our dating vocabulary that they are considered cliche… and the last resort of a guy all out of ideas. What is your favorite romantic gesture?


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  • Ana,
    Mom wrote her first letter to me on Sept 11, 1972. A few days after out first moments together. Ironically, she told me why she didn't want to date me! Over the next four years we continue to write. Her last letter to me was a week before our wedding. A few years ago I assembled them into eight four inch wide notebooks. They chronicle the entire span from casual friends to a couple now married 33 years and are precious to me. In today's world of email's and tweets they are all the more rare. Hand writing a few notes to someone you care about takes time and focus and is the most personal expression. To this day I buy blank card and write birthday and anniversary expressions. I would encourage other to do the same. Besides, you never know where it might lead.


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