Date Night: The Shady Lady

The Shady Lady opened last night at exactly 8:45 p.m. in River North with a ton of anticipation.  I took my buddy and total smartie pants babe, Matt Lynch of Thrillist, to check it out…well, he took me!  Circus theme – check!  Smoking hot man with tattoos who owns the spot – check! 

Get here, get here, get here.
Expect to see: Tattoos…lots and lots of tattoos.

What to wear: Well, the bartender was wearing a black pleather dress.  This place is total rock ‘n’ roll.  I am wearing gray tights with a pink and gray striped mini dress.

Terrible pick-up line/blatant lie that just might work: I have a bunch of tattoos…and they’re all hidden.

Insider’s Tip: The Grapefruit Tequila is AMAZING!!!  Also, make sure you have four people, if you want a table.

Tales of Accidentally Sexy: The bathroom is singular occupancy and I walked in on somebody…


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  • Yes, the bathroom is "singular occupancy" if you know what I mean....I love smartie pants babes.

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